Your Professional IT-Expert




  • Mobile Device Management with Microsoft Intune
  • Privileged Account Management with CyberArk Software
  • Network Security with Private DNS Server and more
  • Workshops for IT Privacy & Security
  • Monitoring Systems Build with Nagios
  • IT Auditing
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Single Sign On
  • etc.


  • ITIL Best Practice
  • Incident Manager
  • Problem Manager
  • Escalation Manager
  • Provider Management
  • Service Management
  • DevOps Team Management
  • etc.

    Digital Transformation

  • Cloud / On-Premise Server & Service Administration
  • Azure / Office 365 Administration (Power Automate, Sharepoint, PowerApps, Teams, InTune,…)
  • Automation Scripting with PowerShell
  • Exchange
  • Cloud Based HelpDesk
  • Website / Shop Creation
  • DSGVO / GDPR & ISO 27000 Conform
  • etc.

    Do Something Great

    Free WorkShops for non-profit organizations:

    • End-user Privacy Enhancement
    • Power Automate / Flow
    • PowerApps Development
    • PowerShell Scripting

    I recommend / support the following Open Source Projects:

    searxtutanota, pi-hole, mullvad


    About Me

    Hi! I’m Antonios and I love IT. It is that simple, ever since I first moved a mouse and the curser moved on the screen, I was hooked!

    • I like the feeling I get when I save a big project for a company with 6-digit employee numbers.
    • … building a Team and move it to success.
    • … to share knowledge and getting praised for it.
    • … to see technology bringing humanity forward.
    • … the possibilities it offers me.
    • … to solve complicated problems even though I must go through masses of log files.
    • … to see my scripts and programs automate my repetitive work tasks.
    • … to build solutions to secure the privacy of individuals.

    That’s why I spend a decade working mainly as an IT Consultant even till now as a Senior, besides other side projects like creating an E-Commerce Company that moved being an Import & Export company or being an IT Freelancer helping companys and Individuals solve their IT issues.

    I hope that this would continue for the next 50 Year’s with a bit of luck.
    If you made it this far, then you have my thanks 😉. It is rare to see someone spend their precious time reading thought an “About Me” section!
    If you want to learn more about me you can look up my LinkedIn & Xing accounts or if you just want to say Hi! use my Mail: . Of course not only in English but in German or Greek too.


    Antonios Chatzigiagkos

    Germany / Bavaria